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Moo-Oink Box


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Moo-Oink Box– This box is a special box we are putting together because we know you all are in need of good meats during this time. We will be offering it as long as you all need it.  We are working with our local butcher to put this box together.

This beef and pork does not come from our Co-op. But as always, we make sure these meats are of incredible quality.

Ground Beef, Pork Country Sausage, and Pork Beer Brats Box… You will need 1 cubic foot of freezer space.


2/lbs of Beer Brats (made with local beer, spices, and ground pork by our butcher)  4 brats per 1 pound package)

6/lbs premium ground beef (ground beef comes in 1/lb packages)

5/lbs Country Sausage (Sausage is locally made by our butcher)

2/lbs bacon (nitrate free bacon) 1/lb packages


Total Pounds: 15