NEW: We two new bundles!! Our Farm Bundle and Moo-Oink Box.  

Here in Nevada we are blessed to be have many wonderful ranchers and farmers.  Alpine Ranch Co-op has meats, dairy, honey, fruit and veggies from some of these wonderful producers.

*Cattle in our co-op program are grass raised and finished, and our beef is dry aged.

*Our lamb is grass-fed and grass-finished.

*Our Heritage Berkshire pigs are raised outdoors with plenty of space to root around and be a pig. They are fed an all natural vegetarian diet.

*Our cattle, pigs, and lamb are not administered growth hormones, stimulants, or growth promoting antibiotics. They are humanely raised.

We are currently providing grass-fed beef, pastured lamb, and Heritage pork to Reno, NV and surrounding areas. We also make deliveries to North Las Vegas, Roseville, and Auburn, CA almost every month. Have a look around, and please contact us if you have any questions about our Co-op.

Co-op Delivery Schedule

PLEASE PRE-ORDER!!  We do not bring extra items with us when we deliver.

*Reno Area,  We are coming Saturday, August 15th.  We will have a morning pick up is at Bassett Furniture at 8:30a.m,  Bassett’s address is: 9025 S Virginia St, Reno, NV.  It is right off the freeway.  

*Carson City:   We are coming Saturday, August 15th.  We will have a morning pick at Starbucks on Topsy Lane at 10:00a.m.

We are taking orders for Farm Bundles and Moo-oink for July 11th… and Pet Loaf.

Farm Bundle:

Moo Oink:

*Sacramento Area: We have two wonderful options for this date.

Farm Bundle:

Moo Oink:

We will be coming back on Saturday, June 11th We will have a pick up location in Auburn and Roseville.

1.  Auburn:  Saturday, June 11th, we will be meeting in the south parking lot in front of Starbucks located at 392 Elm Ave, Auburn, CA.  You can pick up your order at 1:00a.m.

2. Roseville:  Saturday,  June 11thwe will be meeting in Roseville in the parking lot of the Starbucks located at 998 Sunrise Ave, Suite 115, Roseville, CA.  You can pick up your at 2:00p.m.

*North Las Vegas: We are coming on August 8th! We will meet at Teton Trails Park. We will meet in the parking lot in front of the soccer field off of Grand Teton from 2:00p.m. to 2:30p.m. The address is 5150 Grand Teton Drive, Las Vegas.

We will have two wonderful options:

Farm Bundle:

Moo Oink:

What’s New?

Our Local Basket!!  We’re partnered with the area’s incredible food resources—farms, ranches, chefs, butchers and more—to bring local food to your doorstep. With Our Local Basket, your family will enjoy weekly meals that highlight locally sourced ingredients such as grass-fed beef, heritage pork and greens.

Dairy, Pastured Eggs, Local Honey and Specialty Products!!

For Reno/Sparks customers, we can deliver these to your home if you add them onto one of our pork or beef bundles.  Otherwise, you can pick them up at one of our Bassett Furniture drops.

Sacrament, Las Vegas, and Carson City, you can add on any of these items to your order, and pick them up at your pick up location.

PET LOAF:  The beef is ground, and the mixture includes the heart, liver, and tongue.  No fillers are ever used.  It is also “human grade” and USDA certified.




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