Forever Learning

-We have 10 little Berkshire piglets running around.
These 3 just finished nursing and are settling in for a nap.


We are still in our first year of raising pigs… Our first pigs came last March, so this is our first Winter. I am SO thankful for the farmers that have come before us that we have been able to learn from. One is a precious pig farmer named Dave.  He as been raising pigs for over 30 years. I called him today with some farrowing questions, and he was kind enough to chat with me for a good half hour.  Another resource that has been helpful to us is the good old internet. I have found some blogs from farmers that have been very helpful.  It is so sweet of them to pass on what they have learned.  This article is on Winter farrowing tips:

After reading this blog and speaking with Farmer Dave, I talked to my Dad about some new farrowing ideas. Even though Dad has been a farmer/rancher literally since the day he was born he listened to all the ideas, and we will be putting some of them into place today.

A love of learning and teachable spirit are two qualities I pray my children will receive. I have heard my Dad say these words many times about subjects he would actually be considered an expert and authority on, “I know a little about that…”  And one day, in regards to pig farming, I hope to be able to tell people, “I know a little about that…”  And when that day comes, I still hope to be “Forever Learning”.    🙂