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Pet Loaf… for your 4 legged friends


24lbs.  There will be 24 packages and each package 1 pound.

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24/lbs: 24 packages (each package is 1/lb)… You will need 1 cubic foot of freezer space.

We created our raw dog food with your dog and its health in mind. Our goal was to offer a raw feed option as close to how a dog would eat in the wild. To make our Pet Loaf we use ground beef with a fat content that is 85/15. We add beef heart, beef liver, beef kidney, and bone dust.

No fillers are ever used

Ground Beef (we include beef heart in this group because it is a muscle) 90/10 fat content (makes up 85% of the pet loaf)

Organ Meat (makes up a full 10% of our pet loaf) Liver and Kidney

Bone Dust (makes up 5%)

Bone dust is just like it sounds.  Bones ground super fine.

Our whole beef Pet Loaf is ground and processed under USDA inspection in USDA certified facilities: York Meats and Ponderosa Meats.
While our Pet Loaf is specifically formulated for dogs, it is considered a “human quality” product. The USDA gives its stamp of approval on every package!
*Our raw dog food that we have named Pet Loaf was formulated to be a compliment to raw food diets for dogs. As with all pet food choices, nutritional needs, raw foods, health, and diet modifications, please consult your veterinarian for individual advice on your pet’s needs.