ThIMG_9539e Casey family has been raising beef cattle in the Clan Alpine Mountains and other surrounding areas for over 50 years. Alpine Ranch is located 60 miles East of Fallon, Nevada.

Cattle are grass-fed and grass finished.  Cattle are not administered or fed hormones, growth promoting antibiotics, grains, or grain bi-products.  We use USDA certified processors.
No fillers are used.

We are continually looking for ways to improve and promote the grass-fed beef program.  Currently, we are working with other ranches and farms who raise grass fed/grass finished cattle and meet the qualifications for our program. 

Qualifying Criteria for Cattle:  Grass fed/Grass finished, no grains or grain bi-products, no growth hormones, no growth promoting antibiotics.


Our pigs are raised on our Farm in Washoe Valley: Land of Hopes Farm.  Please see “Land of Hopes Farm/Pork” tab for more information.


Our lamb is raised in Smith Valley.  Please see “Pastured Lamb” tab for more information.


For more information please call or email:
(775) 240-7273

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